College Mission

Providing educational service to fulfill the needs of the region and the needs of education in the countries. Also, reinforcing the ethics, creativity, knowledge, and thinking of work to achieve best results possible.

College vision

To be a pioneer in preparing a well-qualified cadres and be able to compete with confidence and able to peruse higher studies and researches. Studying the problems and giving solutions to improve and prepare people of the region in such a way that will be reflected on the community.

College values

  • 1.Preparing well qualified cadres that gives best results according to the latest scientific development to meet the needs of the market.
  • 2.The college is trying to raise the level of the colleges to be at the top of the scientific divisions and thus can achieve academic accreditation.
  • 3.Gaining international academic accreditation.
  • 4.Preparing well qualified scientific cadres in all fields to raise the reality of the Iraqi community.
  • 5.Graduating a generation able to participate in serving the community in different fields.
  • 6.Providing scientific counseling in the different fields of the college, and studying the problems and conducting researches.